Meet the Team

Introducing Our Team of Founders


Dr. Zhou Bing


Zhou Bing, a well-known Chinese director who has been working in the documentary industry for 30 years. He has directed and produced hundreds of documentaries. His works have been broadcasted on CCTV, National Geographic Channel, The History Channel, SkyTV, NDR, Channel NewsAsia, Arte and many other international mainstream media.

Zhou Bing also established a new media brand called ‘I love documentary’ in Beijing and founded Sun Media International Company in Hong Kong. He is a life-long supporter of international cooperation and dissemination of Chinese documentaries. In 2018, he established the AAFF Foundation in Los Angeles, USA.

Zhou Bing wishes to help the creation and cultural transmission of Asian film artists.

Tony Jia, producer of Asian Boss, CEO, Film

Tony Jia


Tony Jia (Tong), a native of the DC-Maryland-Virginia area, currently holds an B.A in Philosophy from the University of Maryland, College Park.


As a producer, he has lead AAFF's collaboration effort as a host/producer for the Viral YouTube Channel "Asian Boss" and is the Co-Founder of the Montgomery International Film Festival.

Tony is an active member of the Asian American Community, having work experience in various IGOs and Non-Profits. He hopes that through film, a new generation of young Asian American can feel inspired to take on more leadership roles.

Yang Shuo


A principal engineer in a Fortune 500 company and a devout Buddhist practitioner. Yang holds a MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California. He believes that through film and visuals, young Asian Americans from all backgrounds can feel inspired.