Current Projects


Twilight Sultry (2020): Coming in September

Sponsored by AAFF: A short film by notable Vietnamese filmmaker, Minh Quy Truong.

In a beautifully unfiltered depiction of intimacy between two men, Twilight Sultry explores the fragility of human relationships as well as long-term loneliness caused by external and social burdens. 


Born in a small city in Vietnam, the director/artist Minh Quy Truong draws inspiration from various films, literature, and real-life experiences. His award-winning pieces has been globally recognized, including international film festivals such as Rotterdam, Clermont-Ferrand, Oberhausen, and Busan. 


Stay tuned for the release of Twilight Sultry in September!

Lu She: Nonprofit Organization 

Sponsored by AAFF: A Live Broadcast Event on Zoom.

AAFF stands behind Lu She, a nonprofit organization based in China that aims to empower and provide networking opportunities for Asian female filmmakers.

On May 10, 2020, AAFF sponsored their broadcasted event, held on the Zoom platform, where guest artists came together to reflect on their professional experiences and propose opportunities for future creative projects. 

Moving forward, Lu She has the potential to be an influential platform for the next generation of artists, whose voices and stories are more important than ever to establish more diversity and inclusion in the world.

Montgomery International Film Festival

Co-creating a new platform for filmmakers from all backgrounds.

We aim to foster a community of free thinking Film-Makers, those who are pushing the boundaries of sound and vision into a new frontier.


All are welcome to join our party at the beautiful Montgomery County in Maryland. We look forward to seeing you there!

Full-Length Documentary on Asian-Americans Running in Politics

Representation Through Film 


This is the first project of the Asian Art & Film Foundation. We are filming and producing a documentary to be aired on the big screen. 

Our current story revolves around several Asian-Americans running for office in all levels of government, bringing their story and struggle to the big screen. Their story inspired us, and we hope that they can inspire a new generation of young Asian leaders in the United States.